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Case Study

We were approached by the Head of Trading Standards for Suffolk County Council to put together a new website design for the Association of Chief Trading Standards Officers (ACTSO), a regional body covering many local authorities.

Time pressure was a huge factor with the previous design team failing to hit the mark over several months meaning ACTSO had less than three weeks to deliver a working prototype for an upcoming conference.

We love a challenge like that.

The templates required needed to drop into a Content Management System already in use and their development team would be integrating this and needed some time to get things working their end so we understood the difficulties. Iit took us 5 working days to deliver the finished project. We collected all the resources from client contacts, created and gained authorisation for the new designs and created the XHTML and CSS page styles for use throughout the site.

At the last minute we were asked to ensure the code adhered to the WAI Accessibility guidelines and was standards compliant - but that wasn't a problem - our code does, and is. Needless to say the Head of Trading Standards was really pleased and we think the design will help members gain easy access to information.

Services Checklist

  • Graphic Design
  • Page Template Design
Website Coding » ACTSO

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