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Laurie Rudling is a really talented Norwich based artist and we had admired his work for some time so were really thrilled to get the chance to work together on this project.

Our design gives quick access to upcoming events, exhibitions and courses and the Gallery Management Module allows all work to be exhibited via the website. Online sales has already generated over £700.00 in the first 6 months and that is without an online shop component!

Sales at exhibitions have also risen with customers able to view the work before attending the gallery and a stock counter showing the number of prints available - with out of stock items being automatically transferred to the archive gallery, has emphasised the exclusivity of each print.

Services Checklist

  • Website Design
  • Website Management Modules:
    • News Manager
    • Gallery Manager
    • Sale Manager
    • Document Manager
    • Image Manager
Website Design » Laurie Rudling

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I had delayed for years in getting a website set up, put off by fears of expense, nervous of the technical issues, and sceptical of its benefits to my sales as an artist.But when I finally contacted Steve and we got on with it I was delighted. All the web-jargon issues were clearly explained, the work was completed really quickly and now Iíve got a technically advanced, cool looking website with lots of scope for expansion and at a very good price.

Whatís more sales through the site will pay for it in its first year!

Laurie Rudling

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