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Case Study

The Chairman of Norwich and District Table Tennis league contacted us to help put a basic site together to encourage better communication with members and no effective system seemed to exist to manage the league. The ETTA provided database was described as too complex, too slow and lacking in functionality.

There's a challenge we couldn't resist!

Six weeks later (consisting of long days, late nights and weekends) we delivered the League Manager System version 1.0 to run all aspects of a table tennis league - from membership, team and club registration through to handbook management, results and league tables. Added to that are Sponsorship, News, Document and Event Management systems - the complete package to run the league.

We were inspired by the Watford League who had an offline model offering some of this functionality, but we are really proud how far we have taken our system.

The best quote from one club captain which summed up the achievement was It took me a day to work out and type all of our teams fixtures and now we have your system it takes two seconds…, and at the end of the season player averages previously took three days to calculate and caused lots of complaints from players when they were wrong - the league manager does it instantly and doesn't make mistakes.

Services Checklist

  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Table Tennis League Manager Module
  • News Manager
  • eContact Mailing Manager
  • Sponsors Manager
Table Tennis Website Design » Norwich & District Table Tennis League

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May I offer you warm congratulations regarding the web site that you have set up for the League. Early comments from everyone connected to the League have been very complimentary both with regard to the content of the site and also to the very professional look that it offers.

Our various sponsors have been delighted at this extra exposure and I am sure the League will now be able to extend this important list and indeed look to extra income from the current subscribers.

I am convinced that other table tennis leagues would benefit from having their own site both in their efforts to sustain current membership and also in their efforts to increase interest in our sport.

I would be very happy for you to use this testamony in any efforts that you make to extend this exciting new venture to other Leagues and other sports.

Robert King

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