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Case Study

We were asked to undertake a complete redesign of the administration system for the Groupbridge Corporate website.  The existing CMS was only available to the Sales Director and this was seriously limiting the number of updates that were being made.

The site design was created using a fixed height table and as monitor resolutions increased this made the design quickly become dated so we recommended a total rewrite with a new administration system to allow various editors to add new page content.  The previous designers were unable to provide any of the original website graphics so it was back to the drawing board for a completely new design.

A fixed width layout was chosen so new content could be accurately styled and a strong colour scheme chosen based around the Groupbridge logo.  We really like the new design and the team at Groupbridge were so impressed with the Website Management Modules extra Recruitment, Sales and Version Control systems were commissioned.  Combine this with the Company News and Project Case Study systems already in place and the site will enable Groupbridge to keep their customers up to date with company activities and encourage new income streams.

Services Checklist

  • Website Design
  • Website Management Modules
    • Recruitment Manager
    • News Manager
    • Project Case Study Manager
    • Used Plant Sales Manager
    • Editor Authorisation Manager
    • Version Control/Change Tracking Manager



Website Design » Groupbridge

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